Chinese University Rankings

The rankings of Chinese universities are reflected in multiple dimensions according to the ranking data of the best universities and alumni associations in China, along with QS World University Rankings and Times World University Rankings. All ranking data is for reference only.


" higher education world university rankings" provided by Thomson Reuters, it is the only global organization to determine the world university achievement, the university is the study of the world within the scope of the task of teaching and scientific research level, citations and international content. The ranking recruited students, scholars, university leaders, industry and government personas to conduct detailed proofreading of performance indicators to provide people with the most comprehensive and balanced ranking results. The current world ranking index of the times mainly includes teaching (30%), research (30%), paper citation (32.5%), business expenditure (2.5%), internationalization degree (5%), 5 items and 13 specific indicators. Compared with other rankings, the times university rankings cover more non American universities, especially in Britain. Compared with the QS world university rankings, the ranking is more academic research, and the evaluation index pays more attention to the reputation of the school.